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The Onyx 90 Media Cutter

"Would You Like To Buy The Best Glass Cutter For Less?"


My name is Rich, and I have something to share with you.

I was in the picture framing business for twenty-two years. For many years, I struggled with getting and keeping knowledgeable, productive, framing workers. I had one particular problem that apparently, I could not solve.

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I remember vividly the pain and disappointment of training a new framer how to cut glass. I could teach him everything else necessary to properly frame pictures, artwork, paintings, and collectible photographs. It didn’t matter what was being framed. However, if it needed glass or acrylic protection, we had problems.

How much glass did we throw away?

How much non-glare glass was ruined?

How much plexiglass was rendered worthless?

Who knows…All I know is that glass cutting was a time-consuming and wasteful part of my business.

Onyx 90 Cutter

Compare the wall mounted Onyx 90 Media Cutter to the Fletcher 3100 Glass Cutter

Why does Fletcher charge almost three times as much?


Comparison Points

Onyx 90

Fletcher 3100

Cuts mat board, foam board, glass, plastic, Sintra, Coroplast, gatorfoam, hardboard, and more. Checkmark Checkmark
Cuts PVC foam board - used in the sign industry Checkmark Checkmark
Cuts media up to 5/8" thick Checkmark
Only 1/2" depth
Cuts 60" in the vertical Checkmark Checkmark
Measurements in inches and millimeters Checkmark Checkmark
Built-in media clamp Checkmark Checkmark
Production stop included Checkmark Checkmark
6 carbide wheels for glass cutting to make thousands of cuts - included Checkmark
1 wheel
Carbide plastic cutter - thousands of cuts - included Checkmark
Only 1 blade
100 razor cutting blades - included - to make many cuts Checkmark
Only1 blade
FedEx / UPS shippable! Much less expensive than motor freight. You save about 50% on the delivery cost Checkmark  
Constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for strength, appearance, and long-lasting use Checkmark  
Engineered to last a life time Checkmark Checkmark
Oil impregnated bronze bearings that will protect the aluminum from wearing out over the years of service Checkmark  
Stainless steel wall mounting brackets that won't corrode on a concrete or brick wall Checkmark  
Fastest tool changing in the industry, saving time and money Checkmark  
UHMWP bushings, for life-time, smooth operation Checkmark Checkmark
Carbide glass cutting quick change turret wheel Checkmark  
Low priced disposables - blades and cutters Checkmark  
5 year warranty Checkmark
2-year warranty
Made in the USA Checkmark  


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I have to ask some questions first. I will call
88 eight-75 nine-173 eight for pre-sale consulting, or email richard@


What Users Have To Say
About The Onyx 90

Dan Williams' Testimonial

Not Happy With Onyx 90, At First, But I Got The Support I Needed

What a delight it was, buying a quality product from a company that takes customer support to heart. After I installed the unit, it didn't work right.

I gave you a call, and you got back to me in one day! That is not what I am used to, by the way. Of course, you knew exactly what I had done wrong. (It was in the installation instructions, that I had not read...sorry.)

In summary, thanks for such a great product. It works better than I had hoped it would...and I saved so much money, too.

Roger Johnson, The FrameUp Shop


Onyx 90 Saves Thumbs

We have used your competitor's old standby glass cutter in our shop for about 10 years. The workers frequently complain to me than it hurts their thumb when they have to cut glass or plexiglass in any volume.

I decided to get the Onyx 90 glass cutter because I knew that it was a much better cutter for much less money! When we first brought in the Onyx 90, people were reluctant to use it.

People get used to whatever they are using, and are reluctant to change. After all, I wanted them to be productive. They didn't feel like they wanted to take the time to get used to a different cutter machine.

A couple of training sessions helped to get most of them to convert to the Onyx 90, but a couple didn't want to change.

When I disabled the old glass cutter by removing some essential parts, I got the whole gang using the Onyx 90. Now, they wouldn't go back to the old machine for love nor money!

P. S. I put the parts back into the original machine so that it works now. It handles the overload now.

John Wilson, Frames 4 You


The Onyx 90 Media Cutter

Features & Benefits

  • Cuts mat board, foam board, glass, plastic, coroplast, and more. Purchase one versatile machine to handle all your media cutting needs.
  • Cuts PVC foam board, used in the sign industry, much more quickly than the "old fashioned" manual way.
  • Easily cuts a sandwich of media up to 5/8" thick. This makes it easy to downsize that sandwich to fit a particular size.
  • Cuts all commercially available media sizes. Buy boards in larger sizes and save. Cuts 60" in the vertical, and is virtually unlimited in the horizontal dimension.
  • Work in the measurement system in which you are accustomed. Measurements in inches and millimeters
  • Stop ruining mount board, foam board, etc., because they slip and move as you cut them. The built-in media clamp holds the media without any creep. By the way, the media clamp is not used when cutting glass.
  • Measure once and cut many copies using the production stop. The production stop is included at no extra charge.
  • You need to change the carbide cutter, but you don't know where you put the refills? Not with the Onyx 90. The supplied turret wheel comes with 6-carbide wheels for glass cutting to make thousands of cuts. When one of the wheels wears out, simply rotate to a new one of the 6 carbide wheels on the turret.
  • Make thousands of plexiglas cuts with the included carbide plastic cutter tool. When the cutter tool gets dull, simply rotate the cutter in the holder for another couple thousand cuts. This saves time and frustration.
  • The razor cutting blades will dull after many cuts. We supply you with 100 razor cutting blades to make the Onyx 90 ready for many, many cutting jobs before you need to order more.
  • Part of the cost of purchasing a machine is getting it shipped to your home or business. If the machine must come by motor freight, plan on spending more than you two to three hundred dollars...depending on your location. The Onyx 90 is FedEx / UPS shippable! It is much less expensive than motor freight. You save about 50% on delivery cost.
  • Machines that are in the field look like new. They are constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for strength, appearance, and long-lasting use.
  • The Onyx 90 is engineered to last a life time. Buy it once and use it for your long career - then sell it when you retire.
  • Part of the creative design is the use of oil impregnated bronze bearings. These bearings will protect the aluminum to steel interfaces from wearing out over the many years of service.
  • When steel comes in contact with concrete or brick, it will corrode and eventually weaken over time. Because we use stainless steel wall mounting brackets, you can be assured that the mount won't corrode and weaken when mounted on a concrete or brick wall.
  • Changing tools is a real time waster. We have the fastest tool changing in the industry, saving time, money, and frustration.
  • Making sliding parts move smoothly is an art . . . especially when you cannot use oil. The UHMWP bushings allows your slide to remain accurate, tight and smooth for a life-time without oil.
  • Even if something should possibly go wrong, you are protected with a 5-year warranty. The company that manufactures the Onyx 90 has been in the business over 35 years.
  • We are proud to say that it is "Made in the USA"

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At $999 + shipping, I don't want to miss this opportunity.

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